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1)         The Team Manager’s main responsibility is to keep the team organized and the coach free from all questions, harassments, interruptions, etc. so he/she can coach.  Parents of team members are to direct all questions or concerns to the Team Manager.  Therefore, you must be open, willing to listen, and be available to your team.  As the official representative of the team, you are an extension of the coach.  All team business, suggestions, or problems are to go through you.  However, the coach has the final word and you must abide by that even if you don’t completely agree.  Your position as manager MUST remain neutral at all times and be supportive of the coach.  NEVER allow yourself to say negative things about the coach, other parents, or players on the team.  You must maintain a positive and supportive attitude in order to keep communications open and honest. 
            If difficulties arise with parents, or questions arise that you are unable to answer, please turn to an HHA Advisory Board Member for assistance.  If there are parent/coach problems, please direct those to the HHA Coaching Coordinator.  They are available to support your job and to keep HHA running smoothly.

2)         Maintain communication with the coach on a regular basis.  At the beginning of the season you and the coach should have a meeting to organize and plan the season.  You are the main communication link between the coach and the team.  The importance of this communication cannot be stressed enough.  A MANAGER CAN MAKE OR BREAK A SEASON!  Try to be available for all games and practices.  A lot of hockey “business” occurs during these times.  If you know in advance that you will be unavailable, please arrange for another parent to assist you.

3)         Either you or the coach need to attend the GAME SCHEDULING MEETING in Anchorage in late October to set up the team game schedule.  It is advisable to have a parent meeting in advance to present some of the tournament and travel options to see how often your team is willing to travel as a group.  If the team has Russian members, HHA will provide the Russian calendar so we do not schedule games on their religious holidays. The Homer Ice Rink will provide a calendar of available Homer Ice for all teams to fill.


            a.         Create a TEAM ROSTER with phone numbers and e-mails and distribute to the     team. Create your own group e-mail to facilitate on-going communication. Most         Russians do not have e-mail, so an extra phone call or physical distribution of            information is required to assure you continue those communications.
            b.         Create a MONTHLY PRACTICE/GAME schedule, printed and distributed to the   team and e-mailed as well.
            c.         Create a SEASON GAME SCHEDULE and distribute to the team.
            d.         Verify Game Attendance with families and advise the coach of unavailable            players.

5)         Create a TEAM NOTEBOOK.  This will contain all of the above information as well as:
            a)         Copy of USA Hockey Registration, Consent to Treat and Code of Conduct for                               each player and coach.
            b)         Billing (details to follow)
            c)         Game Score sheets
            d)         Any other pertinent information important for your team.
6)         Once the schedules are in place at the beginning of the season, it is advisable to have a PARENT MEETING to distribute said schedule, discuss the importance of communications with the parents and to let them know you are their liaison to HHA, and to review billing procedure and fee payment obligations.
            You are also the liaison between your team and the teams you are scheduled to play.  A list of their manager’s phone numbers and e-mails should be provided to you at the game scheduling meeting and it is IMPERATIVE that you reconfirm your games with them about 10 days in advance both here and away.  If they are playing a “Home” game on our ice then arrangements need to be made for them to bring a check for payment of ice and refs.  Have them make the check out to your team for the total, and you can pay the refs and rink accordingly. You will not owe for ice in Anchorage unless you are playing a “Home” game on their ice.  They will advise you of the check you should provide.  Ice and ref fees vary from rink to rink.

7)         BILLING involves acquiring your team’s practice and game schedule with the Homer Ice Rink at the end of each month for the next month.  You need to review it and make changes accordingly. Once the game schedule is in place after the Anchorage game scheduling meeting, the Rink Manager will automatically have that information, but it needs to be reviewed or revised.  The Rink Manager does not know when you are travelling as a team, so there might be times you need to cancel a regular practice for said travel.  That should be taken care of at the beginning of each month so it is off the rink schedule and your billing.
            At the beginning of each month you need to add up all of your practice times, game times and referee expenses and divide that total amongst your team members.  You may round up the number to cover bank fees and unexpected miscellaneous team expenses (very few) ex: $146.50 should go to $150.00.  Distribute as soon as possible at the beginning of the month and ask parents to please pay by the 15th.  You, in turn, will receive a bill from, and pay, the Homer Ice Rink at the end of the month.  The Referees are paid after each game (details to follow). It is important to look ahead on your calendar and include tournament fees a month or two in advance in your billing as those fees are due with the application.
            FAMILIES MUST PAY FOR ALL PRACTICES AND GAMES IN THE SCHEDULE WHETHER PRESENT OR NOT.  This is part of their commitment to the team.  Tournaments do not follow this requirement, hence, the importance of determining in advance who is or is not attending, so you can divide the bill accordingly. An injury is the only exception to the financial commitment, but must be backed up with an official written note from the doctor.  A sore knee that just needs a day’s rest does not comply, nor does illness or academics, the arts, etc.
            Each team has their own bank account and check register.  It is your responsibility to maintain this ledger and create a year end statement to HHA to verify expenses.  Bank accounts should be left with approximately $100 at the end of the season.  If you have extra cash, you have the option of returning it to families, or asking them if they would rather use it for a pizza party, etc.

8)         REFEREES:  You need to obtain the name and e-mail of the Referee Coordinator to arrange and confirm that referees are lined up for your games.  There is a master referee game schedule posted on the wall in the rink office, but it is imperative that you reconfirm what you do or do not see scheduled on that list. YOU SHOULD PAY THE REFEREES AFTER EACH GAME.  Confirm the fee with the coordinator as fees vary between levels.  

9)         SCOREKEEPING, TIME CLOCK AND PENALTY BOX: As the manager you are responsible for making sure arrangements are made to cover these three responsibilities. After each Home game, the results need to be turned into the House League via e-mail.  Details will be provided.  Only the Penalty Box needs to be taken care of at away games. YOU MUST KEEP THE TEAM COPY OF THE SCORE SHEET IN YOUR NOTEBOOK.  This will be used later for the State Tournament. There is a copy for House League, the winning team, the losing team and the referees. Score sheets are available in the Rink office.

10)       The REGISTRAR is your link to all player and coach registration information and documents.  He/She maintains files in the rink office.  You may access those files to photocopy for your notebook.  Originals need to remain in the files.  You do not need a copy of the birth certificates for your notebook.  Those are provided to ASHA directly from the Registrar.  The Registrar will provide you, the Team Manager, with the team roster information for your notebook and record-keeping.  He/She will also provide game score sheet labels. Feel free to contact the registrar anytime you need information.
            The team manager and registrar should work together to assure that NO PLAYER IS ON THE ICE WITHOUT REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS and PAYMENT COMPLETED. This is a USAH regulation and a liability to HHA.  It is usually only a concern at the beginning of the season or when a new player comes forward, but nevertheless is very important.

11)       Each team has an IN-BOX in the rink office.  It is the manager’s responsibility to check it regularly.  Your bank statements and monthly billings will be distributed there each month.  It is a great location to pass information between teams or for a parent to leave a check for a bill.

12)       Jerseys and Socks will be provided to the team by the EQUIPMENT MANAGER.  You will then be responsible for their distribution and return.  The socks may be kept by the players, but the jerseys are returned.  To retrieve jerseys at the end of the season, have all players put them in the center of the locker room after the last game, and voila, they are all yours!  You are then responsible for returning them clean and in the original tub to the Equipment Manager.

            HOMER HOCKEY ASSOCIATION GREATLY APPRECIATES YOUR TIME, ENERGY AND COMMITMENT TO THE JOB ENTAILED AS TEAM MANAGER.  The entire association is operated on “volunteer time” and must function within the realms of the energy and commitments that come forward.  Remember, the Advisory Board is your support system if there are ever times you feel overwhelmed with the duties at hand, or the questions and problems that arise.  We are here to work together with one another, not against one another.  It’s about TEAM from the bottom up:

T          TOGETHER
E          EVERYONE
A          ACHIEVES
M         MORE

Have a Great Season!

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